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NFT CryptoBeerFest Crypto Art Oktoberfest - Made in Bavaria


Let’s cheer up and beer mug the world.

Unfortunately our beloved Oktoberfest in Munich has been canceled for the second year in a row so we’ve decided to celebrate Oktoberfest 2021 some bits and bytes differently.

Help us Fill this tent!
NFT People

Create, connect and celebrate

Help us to create unique and fun NFT collectors Beer mugs to support artists and beer pubs worldwide. Let’s connect and celebrate peacefully and happily together online and offline around the globe with free beer!

Vote for artworks Join as a bar owner

The cryptobeerfest event will take place in participating bars worldwide on December 11, 2021.

We have earned that…

with the sale of a collection of 2021 unique NFT beer mugs, we are supporting bar owners and artists from all over the world.

As artist you participate directly on 30% of sales. Participating bar owners will provide free beer!

Vote for artworks Join as a bar owner

The cryptobeerfest event will take place worldwide in participating bars on December 11, 2021.

Our Roadmap


End of September 2021

Deadline Artwork Submission

Beginning of October 2021

Voting on artworks for final artist selection

  • – Vote for your favorite artwork!
  • – Confirmation mail to 20 artists with most votes


Start sales of NFT Beer Mugs

  • – Win by getting one of our hidden special NFT Beer Mugs!
  • – Win a trip to Munich to Oktoberfest 2022 to join our Crypto Oktoberfest table!
  • – Win one of our special and personalized original Beer Mugs!
  • 25% sold: Beer Mug production IRL.
    Start to setup additional production of real Beer Mugs
  • 50% sold: Artistic Beer Mugs on shirts, hoodies, caps etc.
    Join our Swag shop team
  • 75% sold: Metaverse Beer tent.
    Let´s build a Oktoberfest tent in Cryptovoxel! Join our Cryptovoxel beer tent team! Exclusive access to auctions and art shows in the Metaverse
  • 100% sold: Interactive NFT beer mug comic
    Ever heard of an interactive NFT beer mug comic? No? Let´s create one together. Join our interactive comic team!

Cryptobeerfest day

Free beer worldwide!

Free beer(2 for 1) at participating beer bars around the globe.


More and more people are buying digital goods: pictures, animated videos, music, tweets, real estate or rooms in virtual worlds. More precisely, they buy NFT, so-called non-fungible tokens.
Each token is unique, linked to a work and stored decentrally in the so-called blockchain.

Blockchain at wikipedia

As a buyer, you can be proud of owning the original version of a file/digital artwork, just as you can be happy to own a work of art from an edition – just digitally.

An NFT makes files unique. The NFT beer mugs can be imagined as part of a limited edition of artworks, only online.
A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique – “non-replaceable” – cryptographic token: each artwork is only available once. To ensure this uniqueness, every file has a non-exchangeable (non-fungible) token. The token cannot be replicated either.

We use the NFT to offer each beer mug with its unique motif in a limited edition.

NFT at wikipedia


As initiators of the project, we are all originally Munich residents or have been personally connected to the Oktoberfest for a long time. The promotion of art and culture runs through numerous projects in our résumés. In 2020 and 2021, the Oktoberfest could not take place for the first time in a long time. We don’t want to let the fun and positive vibes of the annual peaceful meeting of people from all over the world spoil.

We want to support international artists and hosts:

Through the creative spirit of the strictly limited virtual beer mugs and their sales.
The toasting with the beer mug stands for exactly what we want to achieve with the project.

Like the Oktoberfest, we bring the world together peacefully and happily.

  • Through art on limited virtual beer mugs.
  • With cool free beer from real beer mugs.
  • Prost! (Cheers!)


You can apply as an bar owner to take part in our campaign.

If your picture motif is included in the collection, you as an artist will be directly involved in the sales of the NFT beer mugs with your motif. Each motif is available in an edition of 100.
In order to participate in the sales, you need a crypto wallet via Metamask.


Bar owners worlwide will receive part of the income from the sales of the digital NFT beer mugs as a gift, so that they can distribute free beer (2 for 1) to their guests on cryptobeerfest.

To purchase one of our limited NFT beer mugs, you need a Metamask account that you can use to pay with Ethereum.

Here is a video on how to create a Metamask account and transfer Ethereum to it, with which you can pay.

You should also have an OpenSea account so that you can view the NFT beer mugs you have purchased there.

Your purchased beer mug can also be resold via Opensea, for example.

The art edition of the NFT beer mugs is based on digital files of the beer mug motives.
These are stored in the blockchain and can therefore only be paid for with Ethereum.

Hand-knitted animations from our 3D tavern represent each picture motif in an appealing way and with attention to detail. Each 3D animated beer mug shows one of the picture motives submitted by the artist and selected for being part of the collection.

Transactions on the decentralized blockchain consume electricity. The developers of the various systems and technologies are aware of the challenge that high CO2 emissions from crypto transactions entail.

Various solutions are currently being developed that only cause low CO2 emissions from transactions on the blockchain.

It is best if only electricity from renewable energies is used and no CO2 is consumed – from the washing machine to the transaction on the blockchain.

Yet it is not so far.

Ecologically conscious NFT collectors can offset the CO2 emissions ( of their blockchain transactions (

We have also linked some websites for you below, which you can use to find out more about the topic.

If you were able to get hold of one of the limited beer mugs, you can view the unique pieces you have purchased via an OpenSea account.