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Earn ETH/Euro for serving free beers in your happy hours!

Welcome to the Cryptobeerfest 2021 🍺
It’s a global event happening after drop and sellout of our 2021 NFT beer mugs.

Join us as partners and earn ETH/Euro for serving free beers on Cryptobeerfest:
We are offering €500 or ETH (equivalent to €500)** for hosting Cryptobeerfest
in your restaurants and bars.


Top 40 hosts will be selected for the for the ETH/Euro giveaway after sellout of our 2021 NFT beermugs. Please read the terms and conditions below.
Feel free to connect our social media’s and shill Cryptobeerfest 2021 on your socials
to get some random airdrops.

Checkout our discord for our daily updates and some chilled beer memes 🍻

If you have any questions, please go to our discord or contact us here

Conditions of participation

I hereby confirm that I want to take part in the cryptobeerfest free beer (i.e. also 2 for 1) campaign. I assure that the distribution of free beer (i.e. also 2 for 1) does not violate the laws in the country, in which my bar is located and in which the cryptobeerfest event will take place, after my bar has been selected and after I received a confirmation of participation by e-mail (see registration address when applying). Total participating number of bars is dependend from number of sales. On sellout of all 2021 NFT Beer mugs, up to 40 bars can participate.

I confirm that the amount transferred for this promotion will be used by me on Cryptobeerfest for free beer (i.e. also 2 for 1).

Any liability claims against Made in Bavaria UG regarding the implementation of the cryptobeerfest campaign in my bar and my online channels are excluded.

I am promoting the campaign via my social media channels with provided images with at least 3 posts.
I will provide at least 3 photos of my bar of the event itself. For the payment of the amount, I will send an invoice by email. After receiving the invoice, the amount will be paid to me within 2 weeks.


** The best and most direct way to get your money is with the cryptocurrency Ether (ETH), which is powered by the Ethereum blockchain. We can transfer money directly to your wallet free of charge. An Ethereum compatible wallet is free, we recommend the TrustWallet app – it takes less than 5 minutes to set up! If you prefer “real” money, we can transfer it via PayPal but the final amount will be reduced by any transaction fees.

Find a tutorial how to setup a metamask wallet on this youtube video, and how to to withdraw from metamask to bank accoun on that video.